The Best Mother’s Day Presents List You Need [2022 Edition]

The Best Mother’s Day Presents List You Need [2022 Edition]

Mother’s Day isn’t the only day we should remember the mothers in our lives (sisters, grandmothers, friends, aunts, stepmoms) but it’s a great excuse to celebrate them with memorable gifts. Jewelry is definitely a way to make someone feel special. So our HLcollection team created a list with the best jewelry presents you can gift your mom. From personalized necklaces to stackable rings, we are sure you are going to find some good things to get your mom for Mother's Day.

The perfect mom necklace

A handmade crafted necklace is a perfect way to show any mom appreciation. Take a look at this Gold Lace Chain Necklace for example. This 14K gold piece is classic combined with vintage trends. Perfect for a woman that likes delicate yet fashionable jewelry items. 



If you are looking for a more sentimental and feminine approach, get inspired by HLcollection  Tiny Diamond Heart Necklace. Timeless and elegant, this mom necklace features a gold classic heart outlined with pave cubic zirconia gems.



The combination of gold or silver with pearls can never go wrong. Take this Freshwater Pearl Necklace as an example. Superb!


Stackable rings for her

Ring stacking is a fashion trend and a way to express personal style. If you know well the women you are celebrating, these can be heartfelt mother's day gifts. HLcollection ring selection is perfect for creating amazing looks and honoring a milestone, like motherhood - a perfect first mothers day gift. 

Combine the following rings options and create unique mothers day gifts.

This adjustable twisted silver ring is made of high-quality sterling silver. 



The 14K Gold Boho Crescent Ring is that boho touch that is missing to create an amazing impact on your mother's daily look.  


One of our most popular pieces is the Evil Eye Adjustable Ring. Dainty, this 14K gold ring is easy to mix and match with other HLcollection stacking rings.


Personalized Jewelry is always special 

We already shared  the reasons why personalized jewelry is always a great present. The rule wouldn’t be different for a special date such as Mother’s Day 2022. 

Discover HLcollection personalized jewelry collection

Our personalized collection offers a variety of gold-filled and silver sterling jewelry that surely suits any mother’s personality. Our top picks for personalized jewelry items for Mother’s Day are:

HLcollection Initial Necklace with Tiny Heart is the perfect gift for those looking for mom and daughter jewelry. You can eternalize your love for your mom by adding 2 initials to this sweet custom 14K gold-filled necklace.

If you are looking for a special beaded name bracelet or a first-time mother, take a look at this 14K gold-filled chain bracelet with a gold letter over each white bead. 




Mothers or stepmothers of two or more children love HLcollection Monogram Tag Necklace. With this piece, your mother can carry the initials of daughters and sons always with them. 


All HLcollection jewelry is individually packed in a handmade box perfect for immediate gifting. So you don’t have to worry about a thing except for your mother’s happiness.

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Why Personalized Jewelry Is a Great Present

Why Personalized Jewelry Is a Great Present

When you personalize, you turn an ordinary gift into a memorable present. This act turns any ordinary occasion into a special moment. Custom gifts also help nurture relationships, create a stronger connection with our loved ones, celebrate friendships, and eternalize moments.

Personalized jewelry is the perfect gift option. They are a unique way of showing the recipient that they are loved and accepted for who they are. Jewelry personalization is an art and we are happy to add some sparkle to your life.

Not convinced? We outlined some reasons why personalized jewelry is a great gifts idea below.

Start Customizing Your Gift Now

Custom Jewelry Tells a Story

Every person has a story full of special moments. These moments become memories that stay with us. And that’s what custom jewelry is about. It’s a remembrance that stays with us. Be it a bachelorette party with your bridesmaids, your first childbirth, that unforgettable Mother’s day, or even a 16th birthday. Jewelry has a way of connecting us to moments in our history.

It’s a One-of-a-kind Gift for Her 

One of the best parts about customized jewelry is that it fits the personality, age, or any event. Your loved one or significant other will always cherish it. How many gifts can you say that about? Clothes lose their style, material things break, candles melt away. Jewelry, on the other hand, can last for a lifetime.

HLcollection Custom Letter Beads Gold Bracelet is a perfect versatile custom jewelry. You can add initials, a name, or a special word by choosing the number of letter beads you need.

You Get to Add Your Personal Touch

When you truly know someone, you can create tailored jewelry according to the recipient's preferences. The piece can reflect their personality, sense of style, or even favorite colors. Think about customizing a ring or necklace with their initials, for example. Create a unique connection between you and your loved one.  

Nothing can get more personal than HLcollection Gold Initial Ring featuring a 14k gold-filled personalized charm. It says, “I know and love who you are” without saying a word!

They are Unique and Stylish

When you customize a piece of jewelry, you are creating something unique. It not only strengthen bonds of friendship, but it can also be a great addition to your loved one jewelry collection. They can mix and match it with other items to create bold looks or wear them daily. The options are endless.    


Try creating a gift set mixing HLcollection tiny and large gold letter necklaces. 

Show how much you know your loved ones today by trying out one of HLcollection custom pieces of jewelry.


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Unique Jewelry Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Unique Jewelry Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

If you are a bride-to-be, you probably have a busy schedule for the next couple of months. From dress fittings to the reception seating chart to your honeymoon itinerary, everything falls under your supervision. If you’re having a bridal party, you can count on them to help you and ease the load of responsibilities that only planning a wedding can create.

To show your friends and family members how much you love and appreciate their support, you want to remember a gift for each member of your bridal party. Bridal party gifts don’t have to be over-the-top. They can simply be a small token of gratitude. Besides gifting unique bridesmaid jewelry that they can wear daily is a thoughtful manner to say thank you. 

Jewelry is also a way to accessorize your bridesmaids for your wedding day. Pearl necklaces, stackable rings, jewelry sets in sterling silver or gold are fail-safe ornaments almost every bridesmaid would like. Personalized pieces like pendant necklaces and signet rings are classic and versatile pieces. You can personalize them with your crew's initials, for example.

If you love the idea of presenting your bridesmaids with a jewelry gift, in this article we compiled some ideas and inspirations with unique jewelry items for your wedding crew. We hope you enjoy it! 


Choose The Perfect Bridesmaid Necklace

If you are planning to present your bridal party with an accessory that will complement their looks on your special day, a  good rule to follow is to match metal colors to your bridesmaid dress colors.

For example, gold jewelry, like HLcollection tiny gold initial necklace, would look stunning with a pink dress, whereas sterling silver jewelry would pop against a yellow or blue dress. This sterling silver pearl necklace will surely catch anyone’s attention.

If you are looking for more neutral looks, a simple pendant brings a more cohesive look. A great option for an elegant yet natural piece is our Tiny Diamond Gold Necklace


A classic: Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry  

Timeless and elegant, pearls are sophisticated options, no matter the bridesmaid's style. They are one of the best jewelry gifts options for your bridal crew as they not only elevate any look but also make a great staple addition to any wardrobe.

HLcollection Gold Pearl Huggie Hoop Earrings are the perfect combination for a sleek and statement-making outfit. 


If you want traditional with a bit of a modern edge, this 14k gold-filled Cuff Bangle Bracelet is a stunning take on classic pearl jewelry.

More Bridesmaids Jewelry Ideas

A delightful way to complete your bridesmaids' wedding day look is to bet on personalized jewelry. An engraved bracelet, like HLcollection Custom Letter Beads Gold one, makes a beautiful personalized bridesmaid gift. Your besties are definitely going to cherish it forever. 

You can also inscribe their initials on an engraved ring or necklace that complements their bridesmaid dresses perfectly and create bridesmaids' jewelry sets. Try to combine earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to create an incredible look. A great options that are also an affordable bridesmaid gifts you can find in HLcollection Personalized.


But mostly, remember: They will always cherish your special day with the unique jewelry you thank them with no matter what.

Your bridal party understands the importance of your wedding day and is there for your 100%.

After all, that’s what friendship is all about.

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